Grand Lodge Educational Resources

We provide a number of educational resources to members and guests. Foremost among these is the extensive collection of papers, links and reports that have been gathered by the Grand Lodge Education Officer over the years. We’ve gathered that material in the Grand LEO pages.

A well kept secret of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota is the Masonic Light Award Program. This Grand Lodge of Minnesota education program is designed to build competency and Masonic knowledge in at least seven of eight areas through guided study and in-Lodge activities. Collect seven of the eight possible seals and receive a personalized Award Medallion from the Grand Master or his representative. While the program has an enrollment fee of $20.00, the complete Masonic Light Award Program and all of the competencies can also be examined at no charge.

Another program from the Grand Lodge Education Committee is the Wayfaring Man program. This program is designed to encourage Master Masons to visit other lodges and share their experiences when they return to their own lodges.

Many of Minnesota’s lodges have a library of books and materials available free for members’ use. The Grand Lodge office in Bloomington offers a number of these books for sale, often at lower prices than at your local or online bookstore. Our Grand Secretary can provide you with a list and prices. His phone number is 952-948-6700.

Our Grand Lodge Education Officer coordinates a Masonic Book Club, which sends book recommendations to its members every three – four months. Contact the Grand Lodge Education Officer or the Grand Lodge office if you’d like to join or would like more information.

The Grand Lodge has chartered two Educational Lodges, No. 1001 in the Duluth area and No. 1002 in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota, a group of Masons who share an interest in reading, discussions and further study. Any Mason can join and participate in online discussions and the occasional meeting.

Finally, within the Masonic Family, the Scottish Rite and York Rite provide a wealth of educational opportunities for those seeking Further Light in Masonry. The Scottish and York Rites are two of our several peer groups that share the Masonic values of Political Freedom, Religious Tolerance and Personal Integrity. You may learn more about both of these groups from their pages on the Grand Lodge website.