Welcome to Educational Lodge 1002

A.F. & A.M. of Minnesota

Welcome to Educational Lodge 1002 A.F. & A.M of Minnesota. Under a special charter from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Minnesota we serve the Masons of Minnesota and all around the world. Our mission is to continue to bring the Light of Freemasonry to all who care to search for truth and understanding. Our motto, “Knowledge Wisdom Freedom” exemplifies our belief that the search for knowledge and truth will lead us to wisdom and understanding and with wisdom and understanding we will defeat the forces of tyranny, intolerance and prejudice in the world.

Since 1945 the Grand Lodge of Minnesota has recognized a special classification of constituent Lodges known as Educational Lodges with authority to conduct research, hold discussions, gather and preserve Masonic Information, maintain a library, supply papers or speakers at the request of other Lodges, and conduct a program of general service to the craft in the field of Masonic education and information. 

The main differences between Educational Lodges and regular constituent lodges is that Educational Lodges cannot confer degrees; are not liable for the relief of a member, his wife, widow, etc.; and are not entitled to representation at or any vote in Grand Lodge. 

Membership in Educational Lodge 1002 is open not only to Minnesota Freemasons but to Master Masons in good standing of any Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. of Minnesota. However, only Master Masons holding membership in a regular constitute of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota are eligible to vote or hold an office in Educational Lodge 1002. 

In addition Grand Lodges, their constituent Lodges, York and Scottish Rite Bodies, recognized by the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, can become “Subscribing Members”, but only receive the bulletins and publications of the Lodge. 

There are many reasons for being a member Educational Lodge 1002. For one thing with annual dues of $30.00, Educational Lodge 1002 membership is one of the greatest bargains in Masonry. 

Since 1945 the Masons of Minnesota have been publishing some of the most insightful papers on Freemasonry through Educational Lodge 1002. All these papers have been cataloged here and are made available at no cost to anyone who desires their use. Normal copyright restrictions apply to all the papers listed in this sight and may be available for reprint with the permission of Educational Lodge 1002, A.F. & A.M. of Minnesota. Please see the “Contacts Page” for information on how to contact Educational Lodge 1002.

Please be our guest and enjoy the Light that the labors of our Brothers have brought before us for so many years.

Educational Lodge 1002
2011 Dupont Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405-2709

To contact Education Lodge No.  1002, please contact the Lodge Secretary.