Lodge History

The Original Officers of Educational Lodge 1002.
Chartered February 16, 1945.
Pictured from left to right
Front Row: 
     Hans Schomer
     Clinton Norton
     William Holman
     Carlos delPlaine
     George Kuch
Back Row:
     Orin Ringwalt
     John Weeks
     Paul Bosanko
     David Perrott Sr.
     W. D. Tyner
     Lloyd Bitters
The picture was taken May 18, 1945 in the hall of the University Lodge #316 located at 402 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
On that night Educational Lodge 1002 was opened in form on the Third Degree of Masonry.  Nineteen petitions were read and voted on.  All were accepted.
According to the minutes of Educational Lodge 1002, it is to these men and to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota that we owe our eternal appreciation for brining this Educational Lodge 1002 into existence.
History of Educational Lodge 1002
In searching through the records of Educational Lodge 1002 to gain a better understanding of what may have motivated our Brothers to undertake and create such a valuable resource for Minnesota Masonry I have come upon a rich resource of information about Educational Lodge 1002.  As more information is compiled it will be posted here.
It is my privilege and honor to be able to share this rich history with you. 
How it all began…………….
The Request For Charter
August 1st, 1944 
Mr. William F. Holman,
Acting Grand Master,
Minneapolis, Minn. 
Dear Brother Holman:
The enclosed petition for an Educational Lodge, of Hennepin County Masons has more than 175 signatures from 11 of the lodges within the county. It Is submitted In conformity with a report from the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Research & Instruction printed on page 89 of the 1941 proceedings and further by appropriate action of the Grand Lodge upon the recommendation of the Jurisprudence Committee as printed on page 124 of the 1942 proceedings. 
The fee of $10.00 10 to accompany the formal petition for a Charter, as is also a copy of the proposed By-Laws. This will be cared for when making our request at the next Annual Communication, but in the mean time we respectfully request to be permitted to operate as a Lodge under dispensation. 
We have been assured that we may meet in the Lodge Rooms at
1940 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis now occupied by Hennepin Lodge No. 4. Khurum Lodge No. 112, and Joppa Lodge No. 300. 
All necessary equipment is provided.
I am enclosing a letter which you have already read, addressed to our late Grand Master, and a reply from the Grand Secretary. 
We are desirous of giving publicity through the various Blue Lodge publications In With various September Issues, as well as direct publicity where there Is no publication, and plan to hold perhaps two meetings this fall before the Grand Lodge Session.  
With assurances of, genuine Interest as expressed by these signatures and the Lodges represented, 
The Granting Of Dispensation
To Whom It May Concern:
Whereas, A petition has been presented to me, signed by the constitutional number of brethren, who have been properly vouched for as Master Masons in good standing, setting forth that having the honor and prosperity of the Masonic Fraternity at heart, they are desirous of forming Educational lodge at Minneapolis in the County of Hennepin and the State of Minnesota, and praying for a Dispensation for the organization of the same; and whereas, there appear to be good and sufficient reasons for granting the prayer of said petition;
Therefore, I, William F. Holman, Right Worshipful Acting Grand Master of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Minnesota, re­posing full confidence in the integrity and Masonic ability of the
petitioners, and by virtue of the authority in me vested, hereby grant this, my
Authorizing said petitioners to form and open and Educational Lodge at Minneapolis, in the County of Hennepin aforesaid, to known as Educational Lodge No. 2 U. D. according to the usages and customs
of the Craft, and the Constitution and Regulations of THE M. W. GRAND LODGE OF A.: F.: & A.: M.: OF MINNESOTA and not otherwise.
And I do hereby appoint Brother Clinton M. Norton to act as Worshipful Master; Brother Carlos W. del Plains to act as Senior Warden and Brother David W. Parrott Sr. to act as Junior Warden of said new Lodge, and to authorize said Worshipful Master to appoint the other lodge officers. This dispensation is to continue in force until the next annual communication of the Grand Lodge aforesaid, unless sooner revoked by me, and is to be returned to the Grand Secretary at the expiration of the time specified, together with a correct transcript of all proceedings had under authority of the same.
Given under my hand, and seal of the Grand Lodge at St. Paul, this 10th day of August A. D. 1944, A. L. 5944.
William F. Holman, Acting Grand Master.
Attest: John H. Anderson,
(Seal)      Grand Secretary.
A Letter Received Into The Minutes Of The Lodge March 16 1945
A year ago this month it was my privilege to address the
Masters & Wardens Association of Hennepin County. I proposed the formation of an Educational Lodge wherein still further light might be discovered relative to the history and teachings of our fraternity.
The response was highly pleasing to many of our brethren who from their own experience felt the need of such a lodge and the opportunity it would afford all Master Masons to improve themselves in Masonry.
During this past year with the co-operation of brethren from nearly all of the Blue Lodges in the county, the formation, organization under dispensation and constitution of this lodge, by the Grand Lodge, A: F : & A:M: has been accomplished and tonight we are to choose the officers for the ensuing year, who I am sure will suggest as promptly as they can, their program of study.
May I take this opportunity to present just two observations and speak very briefly concerning my belief in and hope for future success.
Observation No. 1 concerns the prompt reply to requests for reser­vations to dinner. This type of Lodge differs from a regular subordinate lodge in that it confers no degrees and meets only on call from the Master, consequently notices to the entire membership are necessary for every meeting and if a dinner is to be served in these days of ‘Points’ and rationed food, the number to be fed becomes important.
Observation No. 2 concerns the membership. Only Master Masons can belong and are considered Active members if they belong to any lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, and Associate Members if they belong to any lodge of a jurisdiction recognized by our Grand Lodge. It is my belief that membership will come largely from an invitation, so let us remember to invite others to enjoy the privileges that we here enjoy. Let us emphasize personal work for a friendly personnel.
My belief in and hope for this lodge is based upon a firm conviction that adhering to its name it may become the agency through which the growing demand of thinking Masons for a broadening of their information will find expression.
Sensible men should be glad to ascertain the views of others as the best defense against dangerous propaganda from sources near at home or .hostile influence abroad.
In no better or more natural a, place, in which there is confidence in the personal integrity & moral uprightness of the membership can these exchanges of thought take place.
It is also my firm conviction that Masonry fails in its obligation to its new members and older ones too, if they are turned loose after receiving the three degrees, to form opinions on matters political, religious and economic without the benefit of the heritage which right­fully belongs to them, being made known to them. 
It is as fundamental that Masons know that the blessings of self govern­ment are of Masonic origin as it is for a child to know that fire will burn its fingers.
If the Declaration of our Independence, the Constitution of our U.S. & our Bill of Rights mean anything to us, it is highly pleasing to know that out predecessors in this Fraternity were theauthors of those famous documents. 
In final words,my brethren, why stay we here unless we grow. 

With grateful acknowledgment for the honors conferred, with assurance of the privilege and pleasure I have had during the past year, may I ask that I be not considered for re-election.