Masonic Light Award

Welcome Brethren! You have navigated to the Masonic Light Award Program section and have taken an important step in your Masonic Education. Please take the time to look over the materials and links contained herein. As a suggestion, check out the overview of the Masonic Light Award Program first. This document will give the interested candidate the guidelines of the program, an overview of the nine competency areas, point values for degree work that counts toward the Masonic Ritual competency, links to suggested reading lists, and contact information. There is also a link to the program’s entire competency areas and point values for achievement of each objective. This is the tool you would use once enrolled in the program to measure and track your progress.

For the interested candidate, please click on the Enrollment Form to get started on your way to more light in Masonry. For those currently enrolled, there are also links containing suggested reading lists, links to other areas of the Grand Lodge website, links to correspondence courses, and many other areas that will assist you in your search for knowledge.  If there are any questions regarding the program, please contact the Masonic Light Award Program Coordinator, Rick Vance, at or at 952-210-8743.
Enjoy the journey you are about to embark upon.

Masonic Light Program Overview