Wayfaring Man Program

The Wayfaring Man Program is an initiative to help in the revitalization of the lodges and to promote one of the Landmarks of Freemasonry.
Mackey’s 14th Landmark (the Grand Lodge of Minnesota has it as number 8) is the “Right of Every Mason to Visit and Sit in Every Regular Lodge” and this has been recognized as an inherent right to every Mason as he travels.

This initiative encompassing the ideals of the fourteenth landmark is the Minnesota Wayfaring Man Program. The purpose of this program is to promote the visitation of brethren from different lodges so that they can meet on the level and see what is happening in other lodges, whether the Lodge is in the next city, state or country. By building ties to other lodges, the ties of Masonry will continue to grow and make a lasting impact on our members.
For those interested, please click on the Enrollment form to get started. If there are any question regarding this program please contact the Wayfaring Man Program Coordinator (W. Brother Terrance Schaffer) at wayfaringman@grandlodgemn.org or at 763-257-9022. Enjoy the right of visitation and meet Brothers from other lodges.
W. Brother Dan Nash has put together an explanation of the Wayfaring Man program as a slide show.

Wayfaring Man Program Overview
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