Membership Resources

Various resources from 2018 Annual Communication
150 Ways to Involve Your Lodge With The Family
A Masonic Leaders Planning Guide
75 Ways to Attract and Retain New Members
100 Ideas for Member Recruitment and Retention
Sharing the Legacy of Membership in Masonry
NPD Letters by MWB Jack Benson

Membership Seminar Presentations

2015 Seminar
John Hinck – Authentic Leadership
John Hinck – Why People Stay in Organizations
David Glattly – Care and Feeding of your Members
David Glattly – Masonic Open Houses
Jerry Oliver – Great Moments come from Great Opportunity
Andy Krall – Minnehaha Lodge Rush Party
Shane Harshbarger – Programming Your Future

2011 Seminar
Lodge success stories:
Cataract Lodge No. 2, presentation made by W. Brother David Kampf.
Red Wing Lodge No. 8, presentation made by W. Brother Gary Thomas.
Minneapolis Lodge No. 19, presentation made by W. Brother Peter Hulbert.
Plymouth Lodge No. 160, presentation made by W. Brother Al Niederhaus.

2010 Seminar
Attracting Young Members and Their Families, Presentation made by Brother Ben Johnson from Louisville, Kentucky.
Legacy Program, Presentation made by Brother David Campbell, Cataract Lodge No. 2.
Membership Statistics, Presentation made by Senior Grand Deacon James A. Christensen.
Opening Your Lodge to the Community, Presentation made by Brother Philip O’Keefe of Mystic Star Lodge No. 69.
Public Relations, Presentation made by Grand Orator Steven D. Johnson.