Famous Masons

You can do a simple search on the internet and come up with several lists of famous Freemasons, there are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands who have distinguished themselves in some way and who have been or are now Freemasons. One of the best lists is maintained by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia on their website.
The lists we represent here not only list the names of famous Freemasons but give you a bit of information about each Freemason listed. Because we have chosen this path, space on this site and your valuable time does not permit a large list. So please understand that the names listed here represent only a few of the many tens of thousands of Freemasons who have distinguished themselves in our long Masonic history.
There is something you must also understand when reading about these and the many other famous Freemasons, even though these men listed here have in some way distinguished themselves none hold themselves higher in any regard to any other Freemason. The reason for this comes from one of the basic tenets of Freemasonry, that regardless of our position in life we all are equal. Ill. Brother Carl H. Claudy perhaps said it best in one of his short talks written in 1927. In this talk he said, “What caused the Civil War? Failure of one people to understand another and an inequality of men which this country could not endure. What caused the Great War? Class hatred. What is the greatest leveler of class in the world? Masonry. Where is the only place in which a capitalist and laborer, socialist and democrat, fundamentalist and modernist, Jew and Gentile, sophisticated and simple alike meet and forget their differences? In a Masonic Lodge, through the influence of Masonry. Masonry, which opens her portals to men because they are men, not because they are wealthy or wise or foolish or great or small but because they seek the brotherhood which only she can give.”

Of all the honors and many titles a man can assume in a lifetime, the greatest honor one Mason can pay another is to call him “Brother.” From the many Presidents of the United States, the founding fathers of our country, many who were Freemasons to statesmen, actors, military heroes, medical professionals, and scientists, all who called themselves Mason no matter their station in life are known as our Brothers.