Public Relations Resources

Minnesota communities, by and large, are unaware about the great fraternity, which is called Freemasonry. This was due, in part, to Masons being quiet about their good works, and a time when men actively sought to join us. Today, Americans are busier then ever before due to work, family and other organizations vying for their membership.

The Grand Lodge of Minnesota recognized that Brethren needed tools which did not have to be reinvented each time, would maximize the Masonic experience for others and would inform communities of their presence in a meaningful way.

The documents on these pages, which have come from many sources, are there for your use. Feel free to make changes to meet the needs of your lodge. Masonry encompasses both how we use our time and the effect time has on shaping who we are.  The documents are in Microsoft Word format so you will need a MS Word compatible word processor to work with these documents.  Use your time wisely.

ENTERED APPRENTICE Enclosed are letters which may be used for the Candidate and his wife

FELLOWCRAFT Master’s letter to Fellowcraft Degree Mason

MASTER MASON Newsletter articles and letters to the new Mason from the Master and Jr. Warden.

COURTESY DEGREE Request for and conferral of courtesy degree letters.

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP Master and Secretary letters to new affiliate members

LODGE INFORMATION NIGHT News releases, poster, and tips on having a successful information night for potential candidates.

LODGE EDUCATION OFFICER Items in this section are for the purpose of helping the LEO with presentation materials before the Brethren. We hope you enjoy them and will develop and forward copies of your own documents, which we can then consider for publication on this web site.

EVENTS In this section you will find news releases for Widows Night, Gold Tournament, Relay for Life event, Lodge Installation, High School Scholarships, Cornerstone Laying, Annul Awards Night, Tips on Writing Newspaper Articles, and a Lodge Summons notice. Special

MISCELLANEOUS These documents include a Delinquent Dues letter, Last Rites request, possible Facility Rental Agreement, Mentors Checklist, and Phone Tree Message.