Educational Seminar - Part 1 of 5

As presented at the 2019 Grand Lodge Communication and spoke of at the 1st Quarterly Meeting of the Metro West Association,this is the 1st night of a 5 Night series of Educational Seminars covering the 1st Three Degrees of Masonry, (From Lectures Explanation as well as the Ritual Itself) to Our History and Many other aspects of lodge. These presentations were created to help you bring better Education to your new members as they come into your lodge.

We will begin with the Basics and EA Degree and move on each week over the 5 week period. Each "Class" will be 2hrs long with a break in between sections.

You will experience this information as your new candidates will if you choose to bring any or all aspects of this material to them as they go through their degrees and become active members of our Fraternity.

Weather you have been a Mason for a year or many, many years, I can assure you that if you attend this 1st night you will want to attend them all, but no matter what we hope you can attend this or any of the sessions we are putting on for your Lodges benefit.

These seminars will be presented by Brother Hans Neisz and if you have any questions or wish to register you will be attending, please indicate here and send an email to WB Terrance M Schaffer at Sweetidiot@Aol.Com


Osseo Masonic Center
214 Central Ave, Osseo, Minnesota 55369