Graphics Library

Contained on this page is a library of graphics approved by the Grand Lodge for use in publications by the Lodges of Minnesota.  Use of these graphics does not require approval by the Grand Lodge.  The Grand Lodge should be notified of the development of web sites so they can be included as links on the Grand Lodge web site.  A copy of each edition of the Lodge newsletter should be sent to the Grand Lodge attention Grand Lodge Secretary. 

If you have graphics you would like to see included in this library, please send them to the Grand Lodge, attention Grand Lodge Secretary in .gif or .jpeg format and they will be included in the library upon Grand Lodge approval.

Click on the desired graphic below and it will display.  Copy the graphic into the desired document or save it to a different location.

47 Problem Altar & Columns Beehive
Broken Column Called From Labor S&Q Window
Gold S&Q Bible S&Q Ornate S&Q
Worshipful Master Senior Warden Junior Warden
Knife & Fork Degree Minnesota Masonic Logo Past Master
Eastern Star Commandery Scottish Rite
DeMolay Boaz Jachin