Lodge Documents, Manuals and Forms

The attached documents, manuals and forms intended to assist the Lodge Secretary in the administration of the Lodge.

 Annual Communication Officer's Proxy

 Minnesota Masonic Manual

 Hiram Award Section from the Manual

 Grand Lodge Internet & Computer Use Policy

 Decisions of the Board of Custodians

 Degree Prologues

 Edict of Grand Master Thomas G. McCarthy April 2 2009

 Secretary's Handbook

 Handbook of Forms and Petitions, includes suggested Lodge Bylaws format

 Installation of Officers

 Items to Consider Prior to Alcohol Use in a Lodge Building

 Officers Duty Booklet

 Petition for Affiliation, Dual Membership or Restoration

 Investigating Committee Report Form

 Petition For Degrees (non-lodge specific)

 Certificate of Demit

 Certificate of Good Standing

 Certificate of Nonaffiliation

 Dusty Square and Compass Program

 Quest Book #1

 Quest Book #2

 Quest Book #3

 Quest Book #4

 Quest Book #5

 Quest Book #6

 Grand Lodge of Minnesota Table Lodge Ceremony

 Entered Apprentice Degree Table Lodge Program - Duane E. Anderson version

 Introduction to the 2009 Grand Lodge Mentor Program.pdf

 Part No. 1 - Mentor Program

 Part No. 2 - Briefing Guide for Talking with Potential Candidate

 Part No. 3 - Briefing Guide for Investigators

 Part No. 4 - Prospect Questions Before Interview

 Part No. 5 - Interviewer Question Sheet

 Part No. 6 - Candidate Investigation Report

 Part No. 7 - Candidate Fact Sheet

 Part No. 8 - Guide for Preparing Candidates

 Part No. 9 - Briefing Guide Between Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degrees

 Part No. 10 - Briefing Guide Between Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees

 Part No. 11 - Briefing Guide About the Lodge

 Part No. 12 - LEO Training Guide