Job's Daughters

What follows is a brief overview of the Job's Daughters' organization. Much greater detail on current activities and programs can be found on the Minnesota Job's Daughters' website.

Job's Daughters is an organization for young women ages 10 - 20. Each local group is called a Bethel (chapter). The members elect the top five officers and the remaining officers are appointed. Each corps of officers serves for six months.
The organization is based on the teachings of the book of Job, 42nd Chapter, 15th verse,
"In all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job, and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren".
The organization provides a safe place for: social enjoyment; community service; planning and organizing various events; developing leadership and social skills; and training in financial planning and budgeting.
Opportunities for travel and making life-long friends are only a small part of membership in this international organization.

What Do We Do?

Each Bethel holds meetings, fun events, service projects, fund raising ventures and various other activities as they determine.
In Minnesota there are several statewide events that offer a wide variety of activities. Sports are a main attraction at the annual camp session in August. (See Camp page).
Competitions in Performing Arts and Ritual are held in the fall along with the selection of the Miss Minnesota Job's Daughter and different theme events each year. (See Fall-Inn page.)

The spring brings the annual meeting and selection of new state officers for the Daughters and includes competition in Arts & Crafts, Sewing, Scrapbooks, Baking and Writing. (See Grand Bethel page).

During the summer a social event is held to bring all together; a picnic, trip to Valleyfair (amusement park) or to a lake or water park.

As an international organization, we have a special project we work for. It is the H.I.K.E. Fund - Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund. This fund provides, at no cost to the recipient, hearing devices to make life better for children. (See Philanthropic page). In addition to that, Minnesota and each individual Bethel have their own special projects to help the community. These could be service projects or fund-raising efforts.
We are here to help others, learn life skills, make lasting friendships, enjoy what we do and gain a lifetime of great memories.

What Can Parents/Guardians And Other Adults Do?

The adults in each Bethel help the Daughters to plan all events and advise them in all aspects of making successful events. (See Bethel Guardian Council page). The adults meet statewide in June to work and plan the state and promotional events for the Daughters. (See Grand Guardian Council page).
Another group of adults are the Majority Members, members who have reached the age of 20 or who have married before that age. Majority Members also serve on Bethel Guardian Councils, and may be a part the Alumni Organizations. (See Alumni page.)

The International Organization

Once a year the Supreme Guardian Council Session is held. Daughters and adults come from all international locations and join in many events; meetings, meals, competitions, tours, picnics, leadership training, planning, formal presentations and ceremonies and just plain fun. Great friendships are formed and it is great to see old friends and make new ones each year. (See Supreme Guardian Council page.)

How Can I Join?

Eligibility to join - (C-BETHEL 1, Article IV, Section 1 (a), Constitution, Job's Daughters International).
(a) Girls between the ages of ten (10) and twenty (20) years who bear a Masonic relationship shall be eligible for membership. Masonic relationship shall be interpreted to mean a relationship by blood, marriage or law to a:
(1) Master Mason,
(2) his wife or widow,
(3) a member of Job's Daughters,
(4) or a Majority Member of Job's Daughters.
To obtain more information or a petition for membership, please contact the Grand Guardian or Grand Secretary at jdiggcmn When the petition is filled out, it needs to be sent, along with the initiation fee, to the Bethel Guardian of the Bethel you wish to join. (See Bethel Locations page.)

Visit all of our pages to see the wide variety of activities we are involved in.

Grand Guardian Council Of Minnesota Mission Statement
To promote the welfare and prosperity of Job’s Daughters and to encourage the practice of life’s lessons as related in the story of Job.

Our Vision

In our Vision – Membership provides a safe haven to Job’s Daughters, where they may find acceptance and develop life long friendships.

In our Vision – Opportunities enable Daughters to develop life skills in leadership, team work, patriotism, social awareness, self worth, integrity and interaction with people of all ages.

In our Vision – Life experiences passed on by adults, who are a continuing asset, enrich and enlighten the Daughters and other adults.

In our Vision – Understanding of Freemasonry, continually promoted by Master Masons, provides the Daughters and other Job’s Daughters adults with a fuller understanding and appreciation of their Masonic heritage.

There are Bethels of Job's Daughters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines and Brazil.Adults are a very important in our organization as they serve as advisors and chaperones for all events in Job's Daughters.