Masonic Programs

The Grand Lodge of Minnesota fosters community involvement among the lodges and the members through a variety of programs. Some programs have been encouraged for many years, such as the KidsID program or the Matching Funds Scholarship program. Other programs are picked by a Grand Master for his term, such as Past Grand Master Steven R. Johnson's Support Our Troops effort sponsoring 1,000 tickets to a Minnesota Golden Gopher Football game for United States military personnel and their families last September. Another Grand Master's program is the Masonic Care Bear program initiated a few years ago by Past Grand Master Philip Soderberg.

Other programs are designed to heighten the Masonic experience for the Masons of Minnesota. Programs such as the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Leadership program or the Board of Custodians' Lodges of Instruction would fall into these types of programs.

Here is an excellent program sponsored by the Masonic Service Association of North America called the Mark Twain  Masonic Awareness Award. The program is designed to recognize those lodges across North America, regardless of size, that demonstrate energy, innovation and creativity communicating the values of Freemasonry. Why not look into it and see if your lodge qualifies? Furhter information can be found on the Masonic Service Association's website.

If you cannot find the program that you are looking for here, try searching the website using the search tool above. If that does not work please feel free to contact someone at the office of the Grand Lodge and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.