July 1, 2021


Effective today, the following COVID protocols are to be used.


• Take care and watch out for our brothers, stay home from Lodge if you’re sick.
• State and local restrictions supersede this edict – if your city has more stringent guidelines, you must follow them.
• Follow CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing.


• A degree team must be certified by a custodian or monitor on the procedures and work at a practice prior to a degree conferral.
• All attendees, including candidates, must sign the attestment form declaring full vaccination and post inoculation waiting period, or the person must wear a face mask.
• Hand sanitization must be done before and after contact with another person in the degree.
• In a preparation room, 36 square feet is needed for distancing for each person in the room. If this cannot be maintained, all people in the room must be masked.
• Hand sanitizer must be used by all when leaving the preparation room. Masks may be removed after leaving the preparation room with the following exceptions. Those not signing a fully vaccinated sheet must continue to wear a mask. If the candidate is masked, his guide must also be masked and vice versa.
• All degree work and lecture of the must be completed as required by the board of custodians on the day of the degree.
• For 1st and 2nd degrees, the limit for candidates returns to the MN Masonic Code limit of 10 candidates for a single degree (unless the lodge receives dispensation from the Grand Master).
• For 3rd degrees, the limit for candidates is set at 6. All candidates must be processed through the degree as prescribed by the Board of Custodians, and the degree is not allowed to be a presentational degree. If a specific individual participates in the raising on the third degree, the mask provision shall be the same as for guides (if one is masked, both will be masked).


Rolf M. Widstrand

Grand Master

Download PDF of the latest edict