April 13, 2021


Effective today, the following are the COVID standards to be used.


1. If you are sick stay home
2. Masks and the six-foot social distance are to be maintained in lodge activities.
3. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer as a secondary option.
4. Orders and guidelines from the federal, state and local governments are to be followed.
5. Edicts from the Grand Master of Minnesota are to be adhered to.
6. The Minnesota Masonic Code governs all Masonic matters.
7. Matters not covered should be submitted through the DRs to the Grand Lodge Office.


Electronic: Electronic meetings are encouraged but are to be informal and not tyled.

1. Try to keep meetings to an hour or less and maintain social distancing.
2. Lodges are to open and conduct business on the First Degree.
3. Purging of the lodge room is done by observation by the Sr. Warden.
4. Keep a record of all persons in attendance.
5. Social distancing must be maintained at all times and capacity should not exceed 50% of the room capacity.
6. Ballot box protocols are to continue as previously outlined.
7. No singing is currently permitted at the lodge building.
8. No wind instruments are to be used.

Degree Work

All degree work will be conducted as presentational under the supervision and direction of the Board of Custodians through the area custodian and the Area Deputy. Degree work will be presentational only and will include sanitizing as prescribed by the board of custodians. Masks, face shields or goggles are to be used when six foot spacing cannot be maintained.

Food in Lodge buildings or lodge events:
1. The first recommendation is to eat at a local restaurant instead of at the lodge.
2. If eating at the lodge, food is not to be prepared at the building but should be purchased from a commercial vendor and packaged individually for each person eating.
3. Serving of food is allowed if the plate is filled by an individual server and the plate placed for the individual to pick up maintaining a six-foot spacing.
4. Plates may also be served by catering service to the individuals seated at tables of no more than 6 people. All eating and drinking by individuals must be done while seated at the table where masks may be removed while consuming food and drink. Coffee may be made available provided that hand sanitizer is used prior to each time using the serving device.
5. Cooking is only allowed at the lodge for the purpose of fundraising and must be handled through pickup service with no food consumed at the lodge. Food is to be placed for the individual to pick up rather than slid from one person to the other.


Rolf M. Widstrand
Grand Master

Download PDF of latest edict