May 18, 2021


As the recommendations from the State of Minnesota have changed, the following are the updates to our current edicts for lodges. All updates are effective immediately unless otherwise stated.

• Take care and watch out for our brothers, stay home from Lodge if you’re sick.
• State and local restrictions supersede this edict – if your city has more stringent guidelines, you must follow them.
• Follow CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing.
• Masks are no longer required to be worn by vaccinated individuals inside lodge buildings (Members are on their honor as Masons).
• Food is again allowed at lodge meetings (both indoors and outdoors).
• Lodges may open on any degree.

Lodges may begin conferring their own degrees as follows:
• A Custodian or Monitor is involved in a practice of the degree.
• EA and FC degree conferrals may resume on June 1.
• MM degree conferrals may resume on July 1.

Degree restrictions and safety protocols (since degrees require closer contact):
• Participants in the degree (cast, candidates, and guides) will attest to being fully vaccinated or they will wear a mask. Those in close contact should also wear goggles, or face shields, and use proper hand sanitizing.
• A maximum of 3 candidates for any degree.
• A break of one hour is recommended between the first and second section of the third degree.

Schools of Instruction may be scheduled and held. Please schedule all schools through your Lodge’s District Representative.


Rolf M. Widstrand
Grand Master

Download PDF of the latest edict