New Brochure available from the Masonic Service Association - Highlights Masonry’s Historic Contributions To Society

New Brochure Highlights Masonry’s Historic Contributions To Society

Key historical trends, which were either initiated or advanced by Masonry, are described in a new brochure published by the Masonic Information Center.  “What Has Masonry Done for the World?” is aimed at both Masons and non-Masons.

The societal innovations influenced by Masonry include Individualism, Democracy, Human Rights, the Rights of Workers, the Arts and Architecture, Public Education, Health, and Personal Development and Fulfillment.

The pamphlet is an excellent tool to build pride and respect for the Fraternity in the heart of any Mason, regardless of the length of their time in the Craft.

“What Has Masonry Done for the World?” also is perfect for reading by families and friends of Masons, or for handing to non-Masons who may show an interest in Masonry.  It is great for giving to visitors at open houses, fairs, and other public events.

The brochure was written by noted Masonic author James Tresner, of Oklahoma.  MIC gives thanks to the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma for permitting adaptation of its previous pamphlet.

This brochure will be sold directly by the Masonic Service Association, only in lots of 50*.

                             50 @ .27 = $13.50
                           100 @ .25 = $25.00
                           500 @ .23 = $115.00
                        1,000 @ .20 = $200.00
* Plus postage

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