300th Anniversary Celebration for the United Grand Lodge of England

The Brethren of Anoka Lodge #30 are hosting a 300th Anniversary Celebration in honor of the forming of the United Grand Lodge of England and hope you will all come and be a part of it. It is a part of our history that deserves to be recognized!

We have received assurance that the Grand Master of Minnesota Masons, MWB John Studell will be attending and speak, as well as a couple of other speakers. We hope to begin the speakers and such at 1pm (Done by 1:30pm) and after take a large group picture for the paper with all the lodge members and appending body groups in attendance. (In their regalia, Aprons and jewels for Officers) ) and then have a picnic to follow. (Changing out of suits at that time or just taking off your jacket)

Anoka Lodge will be providing Hot Dogs and we hope that all members attending will bring something to share. (Salad, Jell-O, Chips, whatever) If your lodge is coming, please bring some lawn chairs and perhaps a tent to put up, it may not be needed but better to have it then not have it.

We would love to have all 26 Lodges in the Metro West will be represented but all Masons, wherever so dispersed, and their families are welcome to come. We just need a head count for the Hot Dogs so we have enough!


Anoka Lodge No. 30
1908 3rd Avenue South
Anoka Minnesota