Big Tent Master Mason Degree and Shrine Ceremonial

Any Lodge is encouraged to bring their Fellowcraft Masons to receive the Master Mason Degree. All candidates for the Master Mason Degree must be registered with the Grand Lodge office by November 1, 2018. There is a cap on the number who can participate and it is first come, first served. The candidates must have been proven proficient on the Fellowcraft Degree prior to November 17th and accompanied by a Mentor from lodge. The cost for lunch is $15.00.
The Grand Lodge needs a head count on who will be taking the Master Mason Degree and for who will be having lunch! You must contact the Grand Lodge office before November 1st to register your candidates and let us know how many others are coming from your lodge. All candidates in this Master Mason Degree are eligible to be a part of the Shrine Ceremonial (as are others not yet in the Shrine), but the degree is open to all, including those who prefer not to join the Shrine at this time.  To register a candidate with your Shrine Center you should contact the Shrine directly.


Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center 
11411 Masonic Home Drive
Bloomington, MN 55437