Grand Lodge Webinar Series Video Archive

Build a Better Beehive
Build a better beehive:  Tyler MWB John Cook &
WB Larry Lyman
Build a better beehive:  Marshal RWB Rolf Widstrand &
WB Chris Wendover
Build a better beehive:  Stewards WB Shawn Carrick &
WB Brad Phelps
Build a better beehive:  Chaplain WB Jerry Oliver &
WB Brad Phelps
Build a better beehive:  Deacons WB Foster Solem &
WB Shannon Krecklau
Build a better beehive:  LEO WB Andy Niemyer &
WB Brian Smith
Build a better beehive:  Secretary WB Justin Thompson &
WB Zeb Dudek
Build a better beehive:  Treasurer RWB Frank Spevak &
WB Kay Moss
Build a better beehive:  Junior Warden RWB Dayton Berg &
WB Chris Wendover
Build a better beehive:  Senior Warden RWB Tony Krall &
WM Larry Lyman
Build a better beehive:  Master GM Ethan Seaberg &
WB Shannon Krecklau
Leadership Topics


Topic: Presented by:
Running effective meetings WM Larry Lyman
Art of Delegation Leadership Cmte
Grand Master Q&A – 4/28/2020
Grand Master Q&A  – 8/19/2020
GM Ethan A. Seaberg
Fundraising:  Beyond the Pancake Breakfast WB Brad Phelps
Grand Secretary Q&A – Grand View Systems RWB Keith Reierson &
Grand View Systems
Safe Lodge Meetings MWB Raymond Christensen
Educational Topics


Topic: Presented by:
Grand LEO Discussion WB Andrew Niemyer
What Defines a Mason WB Andrew Niemyer
Grand Lodge LEO Discussion (Open to all) WB Andrew Niemyer
When in Lodge Assembled: Lodge Decorum WB Brian Smith
The Golden Ratio WB Andrew Niemyer
Colonial Freemasonry WB Andrew Niemyer
Freemasonry in Decline! – The Importance of Lodge Education. Br. Hans Neisz
Freemasons at Gettysburg WB Andrew Niemyer
LEO Presentations Made Easy WB Andrew Niemyer
Operative Masons’ Square WB Brian Smith
Interesting Math Problems WB Brian Smith
The Five Noble Orders of Architecture – a Greek Odyssey WB Brian Smith
Caring for your Masonic Treasures WB Jeremy Nienow
Common Sense Care for Masonic Collectibles WB Jeremy Nienow
Making Your Talks Matter – An Exploration into Interesting [Zoom] Meetings WB Bradley Phelps
King Solomon’s Temple in Fact and in Lore MWB Terry Tilton
Finding Time For …
WB Bradley Phelps
Deism and the Religious Philosophy of Freemasonry
  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
MWB Terry Tilton
Membership Topics